Friday, March 8, 2013

Run for your life phonies

Here's Ms. cleavage. But where is the Child?
Here's Ms. scarf. But where is the Child?
There's the hero cop, looking like he's getting ready to take a picture of a parade. But where's the Child?
Here's the hero cop again. He seems to be discussing who gets to play the hero in the photo- op and who will hold his hat and jacket while he rescues woman and children.
Hey if the Government and media can do some Sandy Hook Photo Shop, why can't we do the same to show the absurdity of Sandy Hook propaganda photos and films. Now just picture the hero cop below screaming in a little girl's voice.


Patucos said...

The child?
There are many pics

Anonymous said...

In the picture of the four runners, Cleavage lady is holding onto something with her right hand. What is it?
The girl's arm looks like it is going back behind her. The cloth that Miss Cleavage is holding doesn't seem to have an arm in it and it doesn't match the girl's clothes very closely.

Patucos said...

New title
Here's Ms. scarf. But where is the Child?

- "Not without my bottle"

It's amazing how many people carries a bottle