Sunday, March 10, 2013

Green Screen from the supposed day of Sandy Hook Shooting

Here's the Green Screen scene
Let's start with the flower box prop
Now the supposed scene of the crime
Remember all the action takes place near the red circle and it's about 300- 400 feet from the red circle to the rear building. Here's another view from about the same angle an distance as the action.
Yet the back building appears to be much closer
Now watch this small film which will show you the (Blue Screen is actually called Green Screen in HollywoodGreen Screen, props and actors
Now the YouTube video keep the following in mind.
This car, which is part of the Blue Screen, should have run over this man who is acting in front of the Green Screen
Although this car turns to its right it never drives below the dark area. The area is the border between the Green Screen and props/actor's area
The car drives thru an area between the prop car and Green Screen, an area where it should not fit
People walk to the left and to the right across the Green Screen, they never walk into the dark area.
People walk towards and away from the wall behind the prop planter box as if there is a doorway there. Where are they going?
Now we present the Academy Award Nominated movie-


Anonymous said...

Listen to this video clip with headphones on. During the " emoting " scenes you can hear the actors even though they insert a diesel engine running.

The diesel engine pattern is the same and does not change between " emoters". They put it in there to cover the the actual audio of the actors. You can hear Pozner say " he's gone" but this camera shot is suppose to imply that it's zoomed and from accross the street. There is no way you could hear Pozner over this loud diesel engine sound from the distance being implied by the shot. I think the diesel engine is on a 2nd track.

Feff said...

That's a terrible job on the audio post production; I'm guessing who was ever in charge of that part was either rushed or has no skill at doing foley or spotting sound effects.

Patucos said...

Its a joke.

The building in the background is located really far away.

search in Google maps and see how this building is far away

Google mpas:
"Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, Inc., Riverside Road"

paul spring said...

And of course, all videos have been deleted. Nice.