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Anonymous supposed DHS Agent says a School Shooting Exercise was happening at the same time as the alleged real shooting

Here's his message from the site
Anonymous 01/16/13(Wed)07:00 No. 9265984 replies: >>9266116 >9266214
I’m a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security. I’m a local liason to Departments in Emergency Preparedness Drills. On the day of the Sandy Hook Shooting, ther was supposed to be a HSEEP exercise that was a school shooting. The local, count, state, police were involved, as was fire/rescue, and private care providers like American Medical Response.
The drill was supposed to be a shooting at the school. With various support groups also participating like Social Services, non-profit trauma groups like the Catholic Church.
Many of the “people” have been correctly identified as various ‘actors’ to be used in this scenario, including the children, and staff members in the school. We also had many locals form the town assisting in this shooting.
On that morning, a real shooting took place. At the time it happened, most of the people believed it was part of the drill. It was the reason there were so many shooters reported. The man for instance that was chased into the woods, and lead back in cuffs was one of the actors that was playing the shooter. And not Lanza which actually was the shooter.
The inconsistencies of reports were based on the script that was provided to the crisis actors, who were near the fire house, unaware a real shooting took place. When it was ascertained that a real even was occurring, DHS controller’s on site were advised over the radio (designated “Big Bird”).
We immediately put the word out to the local authorities that this was no longer a drill. It took some time for that information to be disseminated through all arriving and on scene officers. It was not long into the event that Jane Lufe contacted the incident commander.
It was apparently on her request that the fake event not be released, pending notification of Janet Napolitano and members of the cabinet. The next thing we knew, the gag order was cemented. When the FBI arrived on site, they took control of the situation…
The FBI removed the local police from the investigation, and immediately assumed control. The State Police were chosen to be the mouthpiece of the investigation in order to keep federal involvement under wraps. According to the FBI, it was considering a “national security interest” that federal training like this not be widely known to the public, and certainly not that during these exercises, which are sealed to the general public (for continuity purposes) had been compromised and that a real event had taken place.
The DHS is bearing the brunt of the blame during the investigation, citing our inability to maintain effective security of the event, but that’s another issue. I was involved with this at the planning stages, I knew the event the schedule, the agencies and groups involved, etc.
I can’t fathom how this happened. We have conducted these types of drills countless times, but nothing has ever gone wrong. Well, about a week and a half afterwards, there’s rumors in the hall spooks are crawling through the records. It wouldn’t be until a few days ago that I become privy to at least one reason. The government wants to keep it’s hands clear in this issue, wanting no liability or fall out. However, the Agency steps in to confiscate records for “safe keeping”. These records prove the involvement of the government as it relates to the drill. I couldn’t see how this was a bad thing, personally. Next thing I know, I’m watching the conspiracy theories on CNN asking questions about the second shooter, and I realize that it is a cover up. Worse than that, I can’t help but shake the feeling another operation is in play.
I don’t claim to know if Lanza was a shill or put up to the shooting. What I do know is that there has been a wide suppression of information in the media and online. Despite the conspiracy theories, the gentle manipulation of information is enough to keep the conspiracies as a fringe involvement.
Fast forward a couple of days and suits are asking members of the DHS to sign documents related to Sandy Hook as top secret. As an associate planning analyst I ask if this has anything to do with our documents being seized. I’m not answered in any direct way, the paperwork I sign is basically a statement that I won’t disclose the existence of any documents, and that if questioned will maintain silence and refer questions the DHS Public Relations team.
The file fold that these documents are being placed into is stamped at the top “QK Ultraviolet”. I had no clue what this meant. It bothers me personally for a few hours, and I decide to send a request for information electronically regarding QK Ultraviolet. I’m denied any access to the information.
I call up a buddy with the science and technology division of the Agency. I prod him for information, explaining what has been happening in our offices. He edges the conversation but tells me about Operation Mockingbird, a small project within a larger operation he wasn’t sure the name of. Operation Mockingbird was a CIA initiative to place disinformation within the media (foreign as he explains it) in order to pacify a population.
He relates that studies are still ongoing with questions about the rold of the internet in containing raw information from reaching groups. Apparently, the action with Lybia saw some research for Mockingbird with the advent of foreign media in the country coupled with the raw data of people on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
Mockingbird uses several tiers in order to manipulate information, by feeding disinformation to the media through traditional means (witness accounts, government sources, etc.), but also has been making strides in suppressing the free-information of the internet at the same time. Partly by having high level contacts within the various media groups and by squashing the leaks.
Now, here is where things get muddy even for me.
I’m gently informed that with the delicate political climate of the 1950’s through the early 70’s that Mockingbord (or it’s predecessor) existed. I make the leap in my head about the Warren Commission, and about Watergate. Could these events, which factually happened been manipulated either for study or cause? I can’t find any information about “QK Ultraviolet”, any inquiries I make (phone, electronic) have been stifled, and I’m not even told that it exists. I have a sneaking suspicion that QK Ultraviolet is the umbrealla in which Mockingbird exists under, if this is true then the theories from this point could be multiple but which are more likely?
-Senior cabinet want to keep it quiet
-Politicians want to use QK Ultraviolet as a means to garner support.
-The Agency is attempting to use the tragedy to get real world data on the manipulation and dissemination of information.
I happen to think the latter is most likely. I personally do not trust the Agency, it has too broad of powers with non-existent oversight. I believe that Petraeus(Sic) was ousted for failing to authorize the Agencies operation as it related to Sandy Hook. I believe it is possible the CIA is attempting to find controls to free-informatin through manipulation of the common data, and I think this answers the question that had been answered in the 50’s. No longer do you have to worry about just the media, or what people think they see. Now they can tell everyone in the world.
Can they shut it down, discredit it, and make it go away. I see it happening, no matter how many people can unbiasedly say: there are inconsistencies, the wider population will continue to believe the story that is most often put in their face, especially if it comes from a reliable source.
So, there you have it. No, this provides no real answers to the questions that people have regarding this incident. It adds no real hard data (the HSEEP page listing the Sandy Hook operation is already public knowledge). The majority view is always the prevailing view. All that it takes for Mockingbird to work is that most people accept it as truth. Same with the Warren Commission.
I don’t know how deep any rabbit hole the Agency has dug can go. I don’t know if anything I have to say will ever be heeded, but at least I know I said it.”

There is only three ways to take this alleged DHS agent's document.
1. It from someone making it up as a hoax to garner attention.
2. It's from a real DHS agent
3. The Government is getting cold feet about their hoax being exposed and is putting out dis-information to soften the blow and have a build in excuse to why they perpetrated a hoax.

Several thing don't seem right about the posting.
1. Who uses the word "spooks"? Spooks was used to refer to Government agents during the 60's and 70's.
2. If he wants to be anonymous why is he relating his efforts to find out about differrent Government program, there by exposing his identity to people with in the same Government agencies?
3. why is he making up simple excuses for the Government programs?

I believe it's #2.
GO To- The People VS The U.S. Government (Sandy Hook)

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Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. Yeah, I am sure a real shooting went on so things just magically followed previous events like 9/11 where there was a drill. Oh and I like this person saying they don't know if Lanza was put up to it. Nah, just a wonderful coincidence if it actually happened.

I like how someone seeing that could actually be convinced over every other single piece of evidence showing the shooting didn't happen.

This was either someone looking to do a hoax of their own or someone involved looking to get any gullible people to put value in it.